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ROUTES Series (2/5)

Printing on fabric and embroidery

Variable Dimensions


ROUTES (5/5)


134 x 83,5 cm

Roteiro #1

ROUTES (1/5)


 99 x 89 cm

The sutured images highlight certain continuities and ruptures that cross our present. Two lines refer to the paths taken by my parents towards the Tietê bus station in São Paulo, in the late 1980s. The two migrated towards the Southeast Region, having as their origin point the cities of their mother, Cuitegi (Paraíba) and his father, João Alfredo (Pernambuco). Another line that crosses the fabric alludes to the route taken by the French Artistic Mission to the city of Rio de Janeiro (1816), the group responsible for the foundation of the Royal School of Sciences, Arts and Crafts, officially establishing artistic education in Brazil, the genesis of the current School of Fine Arts at UFRJ. A final route demarcates the route between Galeão Airport in the city of Rio de Janeiro and the University of Jaén, Spain (2017).



Glass, paper and semen

8.5 x 8.5, 13 cm


Work elaborated from contemporary relationships based on geolocation applications, marked by the speed of chance encounters was the loss of intimacy. Even the act of taking a bath after sex took up a lot of time in this dynamic, often the relationships ended with just a goodbye and a quick cleaning of the body fluids with toilet paper, the only material remnant of these encounters. Thus, coitus usually occurs in areas that aim for greater hygiene, avoiding contact with fluids.

History 2.jpg
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