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Book and rusty nails

24.4 X 17 X 4 cm


The book shows a hacked interior, without pretending to be neutral, refusing the text and the internal images, it seeks to point to incongruities of universal narratives. The materialization of this work is understood as part of the reflection and formulation of artistic practices that, explicitly, question expansionist, colonial and hegemonic legacies, interested in proposing questions and epistemological interlacing. Materiality added to the oxidation phenomenon, understood from the variables of temporality, exposure and degeneration.

Aldones Nino - foto Vicente de Mello.VDM


24 Art history books, Bible, Federal Constitution

Variable dimensions

Composition No. 3 points to metamorphosis as a possibility of reworking and strengthening in the face of power relations, starting from the exacerbation of the intertwining of the religious and legal universe established in the country. Through the physicality of the book and the creative gesture I manipulate historiographic material as an artistic proposition, conceiving possible unfolding of a personal and collective amalgam, invoking conceptual foundations, which affect not only artistic manifestations, but also the development of art history.

Composition n ° 3, aiming to tension attempts to suppress artistic practice. Thus evidencing elements of the present time, where different codes are mixed and confused in the outline of the current conjuncture. Gluing as a technique allows the overlapping of layers, establishing a revelation through concealment. Seeking approximations between different narratives, times and histories, exposing the existence of a surveillance system that cuts across politics, economics, faith and historiography. A metaphor of approximation between our present, coloniality of power and the historiography of art.


As part of the Pilot Project, Composition No. 3 occupied Café Galeria Desvio for 2 months in 2019.

Photos: Vicente de Mello

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